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.Tiff files store much more image data then J.peg images do, enabling our proprietary LED technology to utilize/maximize it’s superior LED technology.

There are plenty of gig-economy workers on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. That said, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll connect you with professionals.

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Daily: 1,071,205 Impressions Weekly: 7,498,432 Monthly: 32,136,137 Annual: 390,989,669 Impressions

Optimally located between Palo Alto (the technology capital of the world) and San Francisco, SiliconView provides exposure to some of the most educated, powerful, and impactful tech workers, investors, and executives in the world. Not surprisingly, SiliconView is located on the same piece of land as one of the largest Venture Capital Firms in the world – SoftBank.

Impression statistics are generated from a 3rd-party, industry-standard entity called GeoPath, with their “TAB OOH Ratings“, GeoPath uses a combinaton of variables like traffic counts, traffic levels, estimated number of people in each vehicle, and more.

According to GeoPath, the industry-standard 3rd party entity responsible for calculating impression/demographic for the Out-Of-Home industry, impression statistics are calculated once per year.


Holding over 18 patents, SiliconView spent years developing a one-of-a-kind, 5-Color, LED Screen that enables advertisers to display almost every color perceivable to the human eye. For reference, standard LED billboards can display roughly 16.7 Million Color combinations whereas our 5-Color screens can display 1.0995 TRILLION color combinations.

Yes! SiliconViews screens adjust in real-time based on external weather factors to maximize screen resolution. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, foggy, or cloudy, SiliconView’s screens will adjust to provide maximum resolution to its audience.

Located on 2 Circle Star Way, San Carlos, CA, SiliconView’s screens are optimally located in between Palo Alto/Menlo Park and San Francisco. This can be thought of as the “tech drive.”

37.498973/ -122.239833

The San Francisco airport is 11 miles North of SiliconViews screens.

SiliconViews screens are 8 miles North of Palo Alto.